LUKE 1977 is a casual menswear clothing brand founded by Aston Villa fan Luke Roper. Since the start of the 2018-19 season, they have been the team’s official kit designers in collaboration with manufacturers Fanatics. The fact that one of their own is behind the kits means that there is love in every stitch, creating a deep sense of connection between LUKE’s working-class values, humble roots, and the culture that football fans live every time they attend a match day.


Our photographic editorial explores the brand’s core values by placing the shirts in an urban environment, visualising the concept of ‘from street to pitch’. The focus on younger fans and the combination of casual LUKE items with the Villa shirts show that LUKE is a truly versatile brand, strongly rooted in its values, and a perfect fit or your dedicated football fan.


The items of LUKE clothing pictured below are available to purchase at

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