Nestled in the Lancashire countryside, Burnley is a tiny town whose name has managed to maintain itself in the world-famous Premier League tables in recent years. If you take the train on an away day, you’ll be greeted with idyllic country views, and when it pulls up you’ll be wondering how on Earth there can be a football stadium in this kind of environment. When you get to the stadium this is amplified: if your seat is high enough, you can see the town’s skyline, industrial chimney-tops and all; its quaintness is like something out of a storybook or a movie from the 1960s.


This brings the working-class roots of football and the sense of solidarity amongst fans to the forefront at Turf Moor, as can be seen in our selection of film photos shot during their first European game of the season. Taken at the end of summer, these images aim to capture the atmosphere amongst both home and away fans, the golden light of summer evening, and all of the emotions of an amazing opening game.


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