We are all that encapsulates the love of football. We are the train journey in the freezing cold weather to see your League One team play away. We are the welcoming warmth of your local as you walk in for some pre-match pints. We are the fish and chips you eat on the way to the stadium. Half-time pies. That cuppa when you can’t face the cold any longer. We are the fan-made chorus resonating around the stands. The chants. The pitch invaders running for their lives. We are the children queuing to get an autograph from their heroes, and the oldies who grumble about the good old days. Nicknames on shirts. Scarves and flags flying wildly in the wind. The colours you wear so proudly. Equipo means team, and team means people who come together to reach a common goal. And we believe that fans make up a part of that, in the sense of community, the togetherness that football brings, whether you win or lose.


That’s why we create content based on each and every aspect of football lifestyle that we believe in. Bags made from old shirts, concept-based designs, videos that explore the thoughts and feelings of fans. Photography projects that call out the commercialism of modern football. Because we aim to capture the original essence and culture of the beautiful game, which we believe lives on in stadiums all over the world.




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